Social Security Disability Attorneys For Drug And Alcohol Addictions

Preserve Your Eligibility For Disability Benefits

When you file for Social Security Disability (SSD), the Social Security Administration (SSA) will analyze your alcohol or drug use and will deny your claim for benefits if it believes that drugs or alcohol are a contributing factor to your disability. Whether your situation involves bipolar disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep apnea, seizures, personality disorders or any other disabling condition, the SSA will not hesitate to attribute the corresponding symptoms to your drug and alcohol use.

At Morgan, White-Davis & Martinez, P.A., we help clients in Orlando and throughout Central Florida file disability benefits and appeal claims that were denied. We have helped many clients overcome the burden that drug or alcohol use imposes on their claims and receive the benefits they needed to pay for their food, medical bills and other daily expenses.

Why Is It Important To Work With An Attorney For SSD Claims?

One of the primary reasons that you should work directly with one of our attorneys — instead of a non-attorney "disability advocate" — is that we have the experience and legal knowledge necessary to portray your situation in an accurate way that also complies with the regulations put in place by the SSA. We know how to truthfully disclose any relevant alcohol or drug use in a way that addressed Social Security restrictions and has as little impact as possible on your SSD eligibility.

If your claim for SSD has already been rejected due to drug and alcohol use or for any other reason, our Social Security Disability lawyers for drug and alcohol addictions can draw on their abundant knowledge of SSD law and their time-tested strategies to help you appeal your denial of benefits.

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