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At Morgan, White-Davis & Martinez, P.A., we know that a disability can put you in a difficult financial situation. Even though Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits may be available, the web of regulations and mountains of paperwork that you must navigate past to obtain these benefits can be daunting. Understanding how important getting these benefits is for our disabled clients, we do everything we can to streamline the SSD process and give our clients' SSD claims a strong chance of success.

The most important thing our Orlando-area Social Security benefits lawyers do for our clients? We make sure they always have direct access to an experienced SSD attorney, not just a non-attorney "disability advocate."

What Are Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Disability Insurance program funds benefits that go to those who have become disabled. These benefits give you the income you need to pay for rent, grocery bills, medical costs and other expenses that you may be unable to cover on your own due to your disability. Both long-term and short-term disability benefits are available, depending on how long you remain disabled.

Am I Eligible For SSD Benefits?

Typically, you are eligible for SSD benefits if you:

  • Were employed at the time you became disabled or up to a certain point of time before you became disabled
  • Paid taxes while employed
  • Meet specified medical requirements and disability listings outlined by the Social Security Administration (SSA)

Additional factors, such as whether you receive workers' compensation benefits, affect the amount of benefits you may receive. We help you understand all of the eligibility criteria for benefits, and help you file a disability claim that accurately describes your situation in accordance with the SSA's guidelines.

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