Orlando Social Security Disability Process Lawyers

When you are faced with a disability and seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, it can be nearly impossible to navigate the complicated SSD process alone. When you work with the Orlando Social Security Disability process attorneys at Morgan, White-Davis & Martinez, P.A., you will always have a trusted adviser and powerful legal representative to turn to whenever you need. Our clients gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a proven disability attorney is working on their case at all times, and that the combined insight of all our firm's lawyers is being used to their advantage.

Comprehensive Representation At Every Step Of Your Case

We handle all aspects of the SSD process for you so that you can focus on your health and have the freedom to go about your life without worrying about your case. We remain by your side at all stages of the process, such as when we:

  • Assess your situation and help you complete your SSD benefits application
  • File your initial SSD application with the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Analyze the results of the SSA's initial application review
  • Request a reconsideration of the decision if benefits are denied
  • Represent you at reconsideration hearings before administrative law judges (ALJs)
  • File a Social Security Disability appeal if the ALJ denies benefits

During the entire process, we provide compassionate guidance that is designed to let you live your normal life while we handle the specific details of your case. It is our goal to obtain full benefits while making the SSD process as stress free and efficient as possible for you.

Contact Our Orlando Attorneys For Filing Disability Claims

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