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Protecting Your Rights in Central Florida

Your back is the core of your physical mobility. It is the center of strength needed for rigorous work in a factory, warehouse or construction zone.

A workplace accident that seriously injures your back puts your entire body at risk. Your neck, spinal cord, nerves and legs could also be affected. When you report a back injury or back sprain to your employer, your workers' compensation benefits claim should be taken seriously.

If you hurt your back performing work duties, you need help from workers' compensation attorneys at the law firm of Morgan, White-Davis & Martinez, P.A. in Central Florida. We have decades of experience representing injured workers like you.

An insurance company will do everything it can to avoid the facts of your back injury case in order to resist your workers' compensation claim. Morgan, White-Davis & Martinez, P.A.'s Orlando, Florida, workplace back injury attorneys can diplomatically mediate or negotiate with an employer's insurer, to achieve the compensation you deserve. If the insurance company is not willing to make a fair settlement offer, then we are fully prepared to litigate on your behalf.

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Fighting for the Benefits You Deserve

You may have seriously injured your back at your job while performing these difficult maneuvers:

  • Lifting heavy boxes or cartons
  • Slipping and falling on an unsafe area
  • Twisting away from falling objects
  • Repetitive motions — bending, leaning or reaching

You could also have been suffering from a pre-existing back condition or repetitive motion injury you didn't even know you had. Or maybe you have already sprained your back in some fashion, causing problems with degenerative, bulging or ruptured disks.

For every way that your back can be hurt in the course of your duties — for every strategy that your employer can use to avoid compensating you — we can help, at Morgan, White-Davis & Martinez, P.A.

We invite you to discuss your back injury, potential disability and plans for your employment future with us. We provide free, confidential initial consultations and an atmosphere of honesty, comfort and confidentiality.

Our Only Goal Is a Successful Resolution for You and Your Family

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