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October 2012 Archives

Father missing after garage collapse in Florida

The collapse of a garage at Miami Dade College West in Miami, Florida, has left 10 workers injured and three dead. According to an eyewitness report from a worker at a nearby cigar shop, the garage fell like a house of cards and shook the building he worked in. Reports indicate that there were 17 workers on site-painters, welders, electricians and others-and there were only seconds between the realization that the building was collapsing and the collapse itself.

Man survives electrocution and fall but loses motor skills

Like most states, Florida has many employees working in the manufacturing industry. Due to this, the risk for a factory accident exists, and it could cause a person to become seriously injured. That's what happened to an employee of Foxconn, the largest contract manufacturer of products for Apple Inc.

Suit expected after construction worker falls to death

The unexpected death of a spouse can cause serious ramifications, both emotionally and financially. That is what one widow is experiencing after her husband of 11 years passed away after being involved in a construction accident. That accident occurred when the third story of a building collapsed around the 67-year-old worker. The company he worked for, Professional Grade Construction Group, promised to pay for the funeral but changed its mind less than a day later when the company became aware of an attorney that was hired by the wife of the deceased.

Data shows US workplaces are becoming safer each year

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics should come as a relief to workers across the state of Florida. According to the federal agency, the American workplace is getting much safer, with fewer work-related deaths caused by workplace accidents last year than the year before. The annual report indicated that 4,609 people died in 2011 while on the job. That was 1.7 percent lower than in 2010, when 4,690 people lost their lives.

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