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January 2013 Archives

Man's arm severed in pasta factory accident

Manufacturing facilities are dangerous places. Workers are exposed to moving machinery, forklifts, harmful chemicals and other hazards. Injuries can happen during the most unlikely processes, even if safety procedures are in place. A factory accident in Pinellas Park on January 25, left a man severely injured after he was harmed by just such a workplace hazard. The man's arm was severed during his shift at a local pasta factory when he became entangled in a machine.

Woman dies in industrial accident on Air Force base

Florida employees, like employees all across the country who work in factories, plants and industrial sites, are at risk for a workplace injury. Employees anywhere can be hurt on the job, but a factory accident or an industrial accident can cause especially serious and debilitating injuries, and even death.

Driver charged in death of construction worker

Almost daily, people in Florida and throughout the United States find themselves injured at the workplace. Though it may be through a repetitive motion or some other gradual process, this is not always the case. Accidents happen and can cause serious injuries and fatalities, as one did for a construction worker in October.

Was NFL player's injury not addressed properly?

The National Football League is a place where many employees are regularly exposed to circumstances that hold serious potential for injury. Unlike regular workplace injuries that happen in Florida, many of these injuries happen in front of an audience, either in person or on television. Most of the injuries in the NFL are never second-guessed, but the injury that occurred to the star running back of the Jacksonville Jaguars has left a lot of questions.

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