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Was NFL player's injury not addressed properly?

The National Football League is a place where many employees are regularly exposed to circumstances that hold serious potential for injury. Unlike regular workplace injuries that happen in Florida, many of these injuries happen in front of an audience, either in person or on television. Most of the injuries in the NFL are never second-guessed, but the injury that occurred to the star running back of the Jacksonville Jaguars has left a lot of questions.

Some have suggested that his left foot injury-which occurred on Oct. 21 during a game against the Oakland Raiders-is a botched injury that the team did not properly address. During last season, the running back led the entire league in yardage. This year, he ran for a little more than 400 yards and scored only one touchdown before falling victim to his injury. Ten weeks after he was hurt, the team sent him to surgery.

Officials with the Jaguars said that they were hoping that his foot would heal itself-they stated that other such injuries have done so and they were hoping he would be able to return before the season was over. Now that it is finished, the team decided to opt for surgery-this means that the running back will not be able to begin training until sometime in late May or early June, putting him a month or more behind.

In the regular workplace, this sort of injury would result in a workers' compensation claim. The way that the running back's employer has addressed his injury could also result in a suit for damages. But the $4.45 million he will receive for this season-along with the parameters of his contract-may likely be stopping him from being able to act as a regular worker would.

During his off-time, the player plans to try college out and pursue a degree. Currently, he plans on taking three business classes at UCLA.

Source: Florida Today, "Did Jaguars mishandle Jones-Drew's foot injury?," Dec. 28, 2012

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