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February 2013 Archives

Remember regulations during a pipeline accident

There are many dangers that workers in Florida are exposed to on a daily basis. Precautionary measures and regulations are put in place to address these dangers in order to make workplace accidents less likely, but they still occur. Some forms of employment are notably more dangerous than others and thus have more regulations tied to workplace safety. One of these industries is the pipeline industry where a recent report from national regulators may not be yet known.

No workers hurt in scaffolding collapse due to meeting

Four cars were damaged and one lane of traffic was blocked after the scaffolding for a construction project in Pensacola Beach, Florida, collapsed. According to reports, the construction accident was caused by unexpected gusts of wind that blew in around 60 to 70 mph. Workers were not on the scaffolding at the time and no one was hurt, surprisingly. Had the scaffolding collapsed at a different time, it is likely that workers would have been using it and many could have sustained injuries.

Gas blast kills more than three dozen at Mexican facility

The dangers of working in an industrial complex are known by many, but not by all. Proper training and education can create the awareness necessary to mitigate the risk of fatal accidents, but that does not stop factory accidents from happening; Florida workers are well aware of this. One such accident occurred in Mexico late last month. More than three dozen people were killed in the incident.

Mining fatalities at lowest rate ever, according to report

Data regarding the mining industry was recently released by the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration. According to the report, 2012 was one of the safest years for miners working in the U.S. Detailed numbers indicated that there were 36 fatalities in the mining industry with two happening in Florida. Other states that saw fatalities due to workplace injuries included Montana with two, New York and Alabama with three a piece, Kentucky with five and West Virginia with seven.

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