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March 2013 Archives

The dangers of labor

Industrial workers in Orange, Florida, know the dangers of their jobs. Massive equipment, large amounts of machine-powered pressure, repetitive motions, and heavy loads -- it all adds up to a heightened potential for workplace injuries. Many factors can contribute to the likelihood for injury, including an aging and disgruntled workforce. Despite these factors, some injuries occur without warning and without regard to statistics regarding age and job satisfaction. One such incident recently occurred and it took the life of a 16-year-old.

Man sues after serious injury at foam plant

A man is now suing the staffing agency that saw him placed with an employer as a temporary worker. According to reports, a workplace accident caused the man to sustain an injury that saw his genitalia completely severed. The victim from Puerto Rico does not speak English. He was living and working in Florida at the time of the accident.

Construction workers pinned by concrete slab, serious injury

Construction workers are often seen wearing safety helmets and brightly colored vests in Florida. This is because their jobs tend to be less safe than other positions, such as those belonging to people employed in office buildings and restaurants. Underscoring this lack of safety is a recent construction accident that left two workers pinned underneath a slab of concrete for some time.

Watch Out For Social Security Reductions Following Workers' Comp Settlements

Settling a workers' compensation case as a Claimant who is receiving or who is expected to receive Social Security Disability Benefits requires careful consideration of the rules utilized by the Social Security Administration regarding workers' compensation offsets. This Post addresses the law with respect to social security offsets from the social security prospective and some practical suggestions to avoid problems.

Florida Court Declares Workers' Comp Benefit Time Limit Unconstitutional

A Florida Appellate Court ruled on February 28, 2013 that a firefighter paramedic should not be limited to 104 weeks of temporary total workers' compensation payments as was the limitation at the time of his injury. Instead, the Court ruled that 260 weeks was a more reasonable maximum length of entitlement. The Florida legislature reduced benefits to 104 weeks maximum in 1994.

No criminal charges filed for refinery explosion

The dangers of being employed as an industrial worker are known to many people in Florida. But that does not stop many from choosing the work and making a career out of it. Factory accidents do happen and many result in injuries and fatalities, leaving families of the deceased mourning. Regulatory agencies from the government are often called in to inspect such incidents and if employers can be held responsible, they will be.

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