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May 2013 Archives

Veteran, long-time employee dies in workplace accident

Individuals involved in the manufacturing industry in Florida are often aware of the safety conditions at their workplaces. But just because an accident has not occurred does not mean that workers should let their guards down. A factory accident can happen at any time and can leave an employee severely injured. It can also cause a person to die, as one such accident recently took the life of a 56-year-old man.

Man injured on the job, requires face transplant

Few employees in Orange, Florida, consider the consequences of an on-the-job accident. This is because they believe workplace accidents are few and far between, having acquired a false sense of security because of the number of accidents that happen. Some workers are more at risk than others for a traumatic accident depending on a number of factors, the industry they work in being a major one.

OSHA says fatal accident could have been prevented

The dangers of the workplace are often forgotten by employees, perhaps due to the repetitiveness or stagnancy of many jobs. The normal rundown of a job becomes second nature for many employees in Florida and because of this, safety is taken for granted by both employees and employers. Sadly, this can lead to devastating workplace injuries. For instance, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently announced that a worker who died on the job could have been saved if the employer simply followed the requirements for maintenance and operation provided by the manufacturer.

BLS report says Florida has high number of exposure deaths

A report published in 2012 has indicated that Florida is one of the most fatal states for workplace accidents related to harmful exposure. A factory accident can certainly be caused by exposure to substances or environments that are considered hazardous. With Florida ranking third in the country with 27 exposure fatalities in 2011, there may be cause for workers to be concerned. The state was only topped by Texas and California, which had first and second place, respectively.

Your job may really be the death of you

Workers in Florida may be exposed to more risks than they think while on the job. A release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that nearly 4,700 workers lost their lives on the job in 2011. About 13 people die each day from workplace injuries and accidents. This goes to show that workplace accidents are not only damaging but can also be deadly.

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