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Man injured on the job, requires face transplant

Few employees in Orange, Florida, consider the consequences of an on-the-job accident. This is because they believe workplace accidents are few and far between, having acquired a false sense of security because of the number of accidents that happen. Some workers are more at risk than others for a traumatic accident depending on a number of factors, the industry they work in being a major one.

Recently, a man who worked at a stonemason's workshop was severely injured. Doctors said that it was likely he would not survive without a very rare surgery that often takes months or years to prepare for. But physicians performed the surgery, a facial transplant, about three weeks after the man was injured on the job. His face had been severely damaged by a machine used to cut stone. Computerized images of his skull compared to an undamaged skull reflect how incredible the damage was. His upper jaw was crushed in the accident and without a facial transplant, he would not have been able to see, breathe or eat on his own.

In addition to these issues, the 33-year-old man would have been exposed to a high risk of infection. The facial transplant surgery has made up for these issues, though the man will have to be on immunosuppression drugs for the rest of his life so that his body does not reject the transplant. Doctors said that an attempt to replant the man's original face were not successful so the decision to use a transplant from a donor was made. According to reports, the physicians did not have time to address any potential infections already present in the donor tissue so the man still faces a risk of infection.

Though most workplace accidents are not as dramatic as this, it is likely that the 33-year-old's expenses related to his injury will be massive. Filing a claim against a responsible party, such as an employer, can help mitigate these costs. Anyone who has been injured on the job should seek legal advice to determine what course of action is best for their cases.

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