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Your job may really be the death of you

Workers in Florida may be exposed to more risks than they think while on the job. A release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that nearly 4,700 workers lost their lives on the job in 2011. About 13 people die each day from workplace injuries and accidents. This goes to show that workplace accidents are not only damaging but can also be deadly.

The report included a lot of figures and data in regards to workplace deaths, something many groups believe should be handled more severely. Though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigates most, if not all of these events, critics believe that punishments and fines issued by the federal regulation agency are much too lenient on employers. For instance, one woman who lost her daughter in 2011 to a workplace homicide thinks the $7,000 fine that was proposed by OSHA was not nearly enough.

The daughter was a 25-year-old social worker at a group home specializing in mental health. She was working with a client who had schizophrenia when she was killed. According to the BLS report, she was one of 468 workplace homicides that year. Other workplace deaths were caused by exposure to harmful substances or environments; falls, slips and trips; contact with objects and equipment; and transportation incidents. These four categories accounted for 419, 681, 710 and 1,937 deaths, respectively.

Contractors accounted for about 12 percent of the fatalities in 2011. On the same day of the tragic plant explosion in Texas last month, a dozen contractors were hurt at an oil refinery at a different location. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a workplace accident, consider contacting an attorney for legal advice. These injuries can be costly and there is no reason the employer should not be held accountable if your injury occurred due to the lax responsibility of the company.

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