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Barn collapse hurts four construction workers

Construction projects happen on a regular basis throughout the state of Florida. Some involve highways, while others involve parking garages and office buildings. Universities also do a lot of construction, especially those that are growing or well-known. One such facility was the site of a recent construction accident that injured four individuals, three of them critically. Though the accident did not occur in the state of Florida, a similar incident could occur and that is why the details of this case are important to note.

The university where the accident occurred was Texas A&M, a well-known university located in eastern Texas. According to reports, contractors were working on an $80-million equestrian complex located about a mile from the main campus of the university. During this work, a barn frame collapsed. According to officials, work on the site had begun sometime after ground was broken last fall. Eyewitness reports indicated there were twisted metal beams located at the site of the accident, which occurred around 11 a.m. on June 22.

Two fire departments responded, along with campus police and emergency medical personnel. Upon arrival, it seems that emergency rescue workers were searching for the four individuals until they realized that the structure was not stable, creating potential for yet another collapse. This halted the search for some time. Once the structure was deemed stable, the workers continued their search. All four workers were sent to local hospitals so that their injuries could be properly treated.

Police investigating the site were trying to figure out what caused the collapse, since weather conditions were not abnormal in any way. According to reports, wind was gusting as fast as 10 mph, a speed that is not known for causing unexpected damage or collapses. Investigations will likely continue as the workers' injuries heal. If you have been hurt in a construction accident or any other work-related incident, consider discussing your case with an attorney. Your attorney may have the insight you need to determine if you have a potential claim on your hands.

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