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Botched demolition may have caused building to collapse

If what goes up must come down, it may be only a matter of time before a building must be demolished. Many construction workers in Florida work on demolitions and in the safest projects, the steps are detailed and strictly followed. But in some cases, construction companies either do not have a solid plan for demolition or do not supervise the workers as well as they should. Whatever it is, it can lead to tragedy as it did during the recent collapse of a building. According to reports, a dozen were hurt and two were trapped under the rubble of the recent construction accident.

The accident happened earlier this month when workers were demolishing a four-story building. Before the decision to demolish the building was passed down, it housed apartments and a sandwich shop. It was also near to another business that had been demolished before the accident. Individuals working on other projects had been observing the demolition process of the collapsed building and reported that they expected the thing to tumble because of the way that workers were going about it. One of these people was working on a roof nearby when the collapse finally occurred. They said it sounded like two loud explosions and ran down immediately after it happened to help out.

Another witness said that he had been working as a window washer and expected the collapse because the structural integrity of the building had been compromised. City officials said that there were no violations at the time of the collapse and that all proper permits were in place for the project. Still, at least a dozen people were hurt and it is likely that some of them were workers. If a person sustains an injury while on the job, especially one that is severe, they should speak with a lawyer before making a workers' compensation claim.

Source:  Florida Today, "Pa. building collapses, 12 hurt, 2 trapped" No Author Given, Jun. 05, 2013

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