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June 2013 Archives

Barn collapse hurts four construction workers

Construction projects happen on a regular basis throughout the state of Florida. Some involve highways, while others involve parking garages and office buildings. Universities also do a lot of construction, especially those that are growing or well-known. One such facility was the site of a recent construction accident that injured four individuals, three of them critically. Though the accident did not occur in the state of Florida, a similar incident could occur and that is why the details of this case are important to note.

Sleepless nights could mean more risk at work

Have you ever gone to work after having a long, sleepless night? Many people have and if your employer is the cause for your lack of sleep by working you in shifts that give you minimal time to rest, the company could be liable for any injuries that you suffer while working. According to researchers, a poor night of sleep can translate to an increased risk of an on-the-job accident, leaving a worker susceptible to a head, back or brain injury, in addition to any other type of workplace injury.

Stabbing of worker turns into OSHA citation

When an employee goes to work, she or he should not have to worry about sustaining an injury or being killed while on the job. Still, workplace accidents happen all of the time. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is tasked with ensuring that employers are following federal regulations. Recently, OSHA cited Integra Health Management after investigations determined that two violations occurred when a female worker for the company was killed by a patient.

Botched demolition may have caused building to collapse

If what goes up must come down, it may be only a matter of time before a building must be demolished. Many construction workers in Florida work on demolitions and in the safest projects, the steps are detailed and strictly followed. But in some cases, construction companies either do not have a solid plan for demolition or do not supervise the workers as well as they should. Whatever it is, it can lead to tragedy as it did during the recent collapse of a building. According to reports, a dozen were hurt and two were trapped under the rubble of the recent construction accident.

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