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High-growth industries may neglect safety regulations

When a new industry opens up and grows quickly, people working within it may neglect workplace safety. Reports indicate that this is currently happening in the craft-brewing sector, an area of the economy that has blossomed into a $10.2-billion industry. Two decades ago, craft brewing was a niche market that had a very small following in the U.S. and in states like Florida, but now, it has become something much larger. Because of its size, the industry has found itself on the radar of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Between 2003 and 2011, investigators with the federal agency, as well as state regulators, discovered 547 violations. Of these, 250 were considered serious. Some of them include failing to disable machinery while workers are inside and failing to enclose moving machinery parts. The fines for these violations have added up to $220,000. During the same time period, larger brewers saw just 151 violations with 69 being serious. Such a discrepancy does have a reason for existing though.

Officials considering the situation believe that the experience that larger brewers have has allowed them to better address workplace safety, likely limiting the number of workplace accidents that occur. Combine this with the ramped-up demand that craft brewers are trying to keep up with on a regular basis, and it is no wonder that safety concerns have been neglected. Due to this, four people lost their lives between 2009 and 2012 in the craft-brewing industry. Again, during that same time period, only two workers died at larger breweries.

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Source:  Insurance Journal, "Fast-Growing Craft Brewers Slow to Adopt Workplace Safety" M.B. Pell, Jul. 15, 2013

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