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July 2013 Archives

Employers cannot use retaliation against injured workers

It seems that there is some debate over whether declines over the past decade regarding workplace injuries are due to safety programs and employer efforts or retaliation and incentives that encourage employees to leave injuries unreported. According to data from the federal government, the number of workplace injuries has declined by 31 percent over the past ten years.

High-growth industries may neglect safety regulations

When a new industry opens up and grows quickly, people working within it may neglect workplace safety. Reports indicate that this is currently happening in the craft-brewing sector, an area of the economy that has blossomed into a $10.2-billion industry. Two decades ago, craft brewing was a niche market that had a very small following in the U.S. and in states like Florida, but now, it has become something much larger. Because of its size, the industry has found itself on the radar of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Employer terminates new hires for "preventable" injuries

Questionable employment policies were recently highlighted in a ruling made by a workers' compensation board, which was affirmed in an appeals court after the employer requested that the decision be revisited. According to the case, probationary policies for new employees may be considered discriminatory as well as anti-worker if they include provisions that allow the company to terminate a new employee's position after suffering a "preventable" workplace injury.

Post-injury practices of employer play heavily into comp claims

Many employers in Orange, Florida, will feel the effects of a workplace injury at some point in the future, if they haven't already. Due to this expectation, a number of companies have post-injury response procedures in place. These are designed to make sure the worker who is injured is treated both promptly and properly. But the reach of such protocol often extends past the treatment and into recovery time. Understanding what employers might expect of an injured employee is important to understanding how any workers' compensation benefits you have received will play out.

Supreme Court Strips Workers of Crucial Defences Against Discrimination & Harassment

Last week saw many high-profile decisions handed down by the US Supreme Court, and for American workers Monday was especially important. In two landmark decisions, the Court undercut some of the most important legal tools available for workers who are the victims of discrimination or harassment - and especially for those who take the risk of standing up for themselves.

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