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Major workplace accident injures eight, many with burns

A tragic incident occurred in Tavares, Florida, a town located northwest of Orlando. Eight workers were injured in a massive fire that happened at a propane plant and four of them were listed in critical condition soon after the incident had been tamed. According to eyewitness reports, flames from the fire reached 200 feet as it was fueled by the large amount of propane stored at the facility. As the fire began, many residents living nearby came out of their homes because they began hearing loud explosions. Some were ready to go to sleep when the explosions began. By the next morning, reports indicate that thousands of scorched propane tanks were present.

The incident happened some time before 11 p.m. Rescue workers reported that some of the workers injured during the fire had skin hanging from their faces, torsos and arms. One of the injured individuals was hit by a car while fleeing from the mayhem. The accident, though, could have actually been much worse had any of the three 30,000-pound propane storage tanks become involved. Fortunately, that did not occur and no fatalities were reported. Had those tanks become engulfed, an emergency responder said many of the workers would have lost their lives. The mayor of the town said he was concerned about the site's emergency water hoses. These hoses were designed to cool tanks during a fire but had to be turned on manually. He added that if Blue Rhino - the company that runs the plant - decides to reopen, these emergency precautions should be automated.

Industrial accidents such as this and factory accidents can be extremely dangerous for those who are caught in the middle of them. It is likely the individuals injured at the Blue Rhino plant will have the potential to file a successful claim against their employer, due to the possibility the procedures planned for such an incident were faulty. If you have been involved in an accident while on the job, speak with an attorney about your situation.

Source:  Newser, "Massive explosions rock central Florida gas plant; 8 hospitalized, all workers accounted for" Mike Schneider and Tamara Lush, Jul. 30, 2013

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