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New report reveals rates of injury for many industries

A recently released report has revealed state-level and industry-based workplace injury rates across the nation. This study used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to get a clearer picture of what workers are exposed to and where, helping to determine what sort of injuries are occurring in which types of work. For instance, repetitive stress injuries can be caused in a number of circumstances, some leading to conditions like degenerative back disorder. Individuals with conditions like this often have to seek disability benefits because they can no longer work. This is particularly unfortunate when one realizes that such injuries often happen on the job.

The data from the BLS is from 2011 and much of the study examines the injuries that specifically led to job restriction or transfer. According to the report, the top 11 industries with the highest serious injury rates in the U.S. are as follows: amusement parks and arcades, 3.2 cases of job restriction or transfer per 100 workers; animal slaughtering and processing, 3.1; beverage manufacturing and foundries, 2.7; nursing care facilities, 2.6; alcoholic beverage merchant wholesalers, 2.4; motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing, 2.3; poultry and egg production, motor vehicle manufacturing, hog and pig farming, and community care facilities for the elderly, all with 2.2.

Individuals in these industries, whether located in Florida or elsewhere, are likely more exposed to dangerous working situations than any other individuals, considering the report's indication that these sectors of the workforce have the highest serious injury rates.

With more than a million workers per year suffering from injuries that prevent them from working for at least one day, it is possible that you will suffer an injury while at work. If you have suffered an injury on the job, then you should speak with a lawyer about your circumstances to better understand your options. If your employer can be held responsible, a claim may be filed against them seeking compensation for any lost work time or lost earning power.

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