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Workers' Compensation Archives

Report releases 2012 workplace fatality statistics

An arm of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has published data from 2012 concerning the private industry. The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, which compares employment statistics each year, is part of the BLS Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities program. According to the most recent issue of the report, 2012 saw increases in the number of workplace fatalities for several industries. This likely means that injuries were up across the board, underscoring the value of workers' compensation benefits for many people in Orlando, Florida.

Employers cannot use retaliation against injured workers

It seems that there is some debate over whether declines over the past decade regarding workplace injuries are due to safety programs and employer efforts or retaliation and incentives that encourage employees to leave injuries unreported. According to data from the federal government, the number of workplace injuries has declined by 31 percent over the past ten years.

Post-injury practices of employer play heavily into comp claims

Many employers in Orange, Florida, will feel the effects of a workplace injury at some point in the future, if they haven't already. Due to this expectation, a number of companies have post-injury response procedures in place. These are designed to make sure the worker who is injured is treated both promptly and properly. But the reach of such protocol often extends past the treatment and into recovery time. Understanding what employers might expect of an injured employee is important to understanding how any workers' compensation benefits you have received will play out.

Supreme Court Strips Workers of Crucial Defences Against Discrimination & Harassment

Last week saw many high-profile decisions handed down by the US Supreme Court, and for American workers Monday was especially important. In two landmark decisions, the Court undercut some of the most important legal tools available for workers who are the victims of discrimination or harassment - and especially for those who take the risk of standing up for themselves.

Fatal grain bin accident may have been prevented

Many in Florida have heard about the dangers of grain storage bins -- according to reports, working inside of one while the contents are flowing out can be like performing your job next to a pit of quicksand. One of the companies involved in a fatal 2010 incident said that the families of the deceased will only be entitled to workers' compensation and may not be successful if they choose to seek damages.

Watch Out For Social Security Reductions Following Workers' Comp Settlements

Settling a workers' compensation case as a Claimant who is receiving or who is expected to receive Social Security Disability Benefits requires careful consideration of the rules utilized by the Social Security Administration regarding workers' compensation offsets. This Post addresses the law with respect to social security offsets from the social security prospective and some practical suggestions to avoid problems.

Man reports back injury during fight for benefits related to knee

A fall at work can result in a multitude of injuries -- broken bones, sprained joints, pulled muscles, all of which can severely limit an employee who sustained the injuries. Those limitations may result in time off from work, which can be covered if the injured employee files a workers' compensation claim. These benefits are usually paid until a doctor determines that the individual is able to work again, but in some cases, there can be other injuries that may be causally associated with the original one.

Dispensing cost discrepancy could cause workers' comp increase

According to a recent study from the Workers Compensation Research Institute, workers' compensation claims have been increased by physicians choosing to dispense drugs directly to injured patients. This could cause insurance premiums for employers to spike and could cause workers' compensation to be viewed as a negative thing in the eyes of the employer, which could make it harder for injured employees to get the benefits they are entitled to.

Should you file a workers' compensation claim?

Workers in Florida can find themselves confused or overwhelmed when making a decisions in regards to a workplace injury. If the injury is severe, many experts suggest filing a workers' compensation claim so that the injury can be assessed and addressed as needed.

New study releases attorney data on compensation cases

When an employee is injured while on the job, do they hire an attorney? That was the question that was asked by a recent study conducted through the Workers' Compensation Research Institute. Researchers with the agency looked at 11 states, including Florida, and found that the percentage of workers' compensation claimants who hire lawyers varies widely from state to state.

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