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OSHA regulations in place to ensure safety, protect lives

Employers are required by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration to make sure workers are not exposed to hazardous situations and circumstances while on the job. This means following OSHA regulations. When an on-the-job accident occurs in Orlando, Florida, an agent from OSHA may be sent in, depending on the severity of the incident. In other words, if a fatality occurs due to an injury suffered while in the workplace, employers can expect a representative from OSHA to respond in a timely manner.

High-growth industries may neglect safety regulations

When a new industry opens up and grows quickly, people working within it may neglect workplace safety. Reports indicate that this is currently happening in the craft-brewing sector, an area of the economy that has blossomed into a $10.2-billion industry. Two decades ago, craft brewing was a niche market that had a very small following in the U.S. and in states like Florida, but now, it has become something much larger. Because of its size, the industry has found itself on the radar of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Stabbing of worker turns into OSHA citation

When an employee goes to work, she or he should not have to worry about sustaining an injury or being killed while on the job. Still, workplace accidents happen all of the time. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is tasked with ensuring that employers are following federal regulations. Recently, OSHA cited Integra Health Management after investigations determined that two violations occurred when a female worker for the company was killed by a patient.

Man injured on the job, requires face transplant

Few employees in Orange, Florida, consider the consequences of an on-the-job accident. This is because they believe workplace accidents are few and far between, having acquired a false sense of security because of the number of accidents that happen. Some workers are more at risk than others for a traumatic accident depending on a number of factors, the industry they work in being a major one.

Your job may really be the death of you

Workers in Florida may be exposed to more risks than they think while on the job. A release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that nearly 4,700 workers lost their lives on the job in 2011. About 13 people die each day from workplace injuries and accidents. This goes to show that workplace accidents are not only damaging but can also be deadly.

Explosions and landslides highlight dangers of certain industries

Many people in Florida know of the dangers that come with working in certain industries. For example, the mining industry is one that has an increased risk for on-the-job accidents. Other industries including those that are focused in factories usually have heightened levels of danger as well. Compared to other countries though, workers in the U.S. are relatively safe. Still, if a workplace accident occurs and an employer can be held responsible, the victim should seek the assistance of a legal professional when filing any sort of claim.

Man sues after serious injury at foam plant

A man is now suing the staffing agency that saw him placed with an employer as a temporary worker. According to reports, a workplace accident caused the man to sustain an injury that saw his genitalia completely severed. The victim from Puerto Rico does not speak English. He was living and working in Florida at the time of the accident.

Watch Out For Social Security Reductions Following Workers' Comp Settlements

Settling a workers' compensation case as a Claimant who is receiving or who is expected to receive Social Security Disability Benefits requires careful consideration of the rules utilized by the Social Security Administration regarding workers' compensation offsets. This Post addresses the law with respect to social security offsets from the social security prospective and some practical suggestions to avoid problems.

Remember regulations during a pipeline accident

There are many dangers that workers in Florida are exposed to on a daily basis. Precautionary measures and regulations are put in place to address these dangers in order to make workplace accidents less likely, but they still occur. Some forms of employment are notably more dangerous than others and thus have more regulations tied to workplace safety. One of these industries is the pipeline industry where a recent report from national regulators may not be yet known.

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