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Delivery turns into injuries for truck driver

Truck drivers in Florida may want to take note of a recent case involving the injuries a driver sustained when opening his haul for delivery. According to reports, a driver for Black Horse Carriers Inc. picked up a trailer and delivered it to a retail location for the same company that was located in a different state. Upon opening the trailer, the man was struck with several boxes as they fell from the trailer. He sustained a workplace head injury and a workplace back injury as well as many others.

No workers hurt in scaffolding collapse due to meeting

Four cars were damaged and one lane of traffic was blocked after the scaffolding for a construction project in Pensacola Beach, Florida, collapsed. According to reports, the construction accident was caused by unexpected gusts of wind that blew in around 60 to 70 mph. Workers were not on the scaffolding at the time and no one was hurt, surprisingly. Had the scaffolding collapsed at a different time, it is likely that workers would have been using it and many could have sustained injuries.

Father missing after garage collapse in Florida

The collapse of a garage at Miami Dade College West in Miami, Florida, has left 10 workers injured and three dead. According to an eyewitness report from a worker at a nearby cigar shop, the garage fell like a house of cards and shook the building he worked in. Reports indicate that there were 17 workers on site-painters, welders, electricians and others-and there were only seconds between the realization that the building was collapsing and the collapse itself.

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