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Employers cannot use retaliation against injured workers

It seems that there is some debate over whether declines over the past decade regarding workplace injuries are due to safety programs and employer efforts or retaliation and incentives that encourage employees to leave injuries unreported. According to data from the federal government, the number of workplace injuries has declined by 31 percent over the past ten years.

Delivery turns into injuries for truck driver

Truck drivers in Florida may want to take note of a recent case involving the injuries a driver sustained when opening his haul for delivery. According to reports, a driver for Black Horse Carriers Inc. picked up a trailer and delivered it to a retail location for the same company that was located in a different state. Upon opening the trailer, the man was struck with several boxes as they fell from the trailer. He sustained a workplace head injury and a workplace back injury as well as many others.

The dangers of labor

Industrial workers in Orange, Florida, know the dangers of their jobs. Massive equipment, large amounts of machine-powered pressure, repetitive motions, and heavy loads -- it all adds up to a heightened potential for workplace injuries. Many factors can contribute to the likelihood for injury, including an aging and disgruntled workforce. Despite these factors, some injuries occur without warning and without regard to statistics regarding age and job satisfaction. One such incident recently occurred and it took the life of a 16-year-old.

Mining fatalities at lowest rate ever, according to report

Data regarding the mining industry was recently released by the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration. According to the report, 2012 was one of the safest years for miners working in the U.S. Detailed numbers indicated that there were 36 fatalities in the mining industry with two happening in Florida. Other states that saw fatalities due to workplace injuries included Montana with two, New York and Alabama with three a piece, Kentucky with five and West Virginia with seven.

Woman dies in industrial accident on Air Force base

Florida employees, like employees all across the country who work in factories, plants and industrial sites, are at risk for a workplace injury. Employees anywhere can be hurt on the job, but a factory accident or an industrial accident can cause especially serious and debilitating injuries, and even death.

Was NFL player's injury not addressed properly?

The National Football League is a place where many employees are regularly exposed to circumstances that hold serious potential for injury. Unlike regular workplace injuries that happen in Florida, many of these injuries happen in front of an audience, either in person or on television. Most of the injuries in the NFL are never second-guessed, but the injury that occurred to the star running back of the Jacksonville Jaguars has left a lot of questions.

Study finds injuries often go unreported

Many workers in Florida know the dangers of their jobs. But the question is, does the public? A recent study conducted by researchers from the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Duke University along with two groups of carpenters found that many construction worker injuries go unreported due to the environment in which the workers are employed.

Workplace injuries happen; be prepared in case it's you

Despite government regulations and efforts by employers to increase safety in the workplace, many employees still find themselves hurt while on the job. A complete elimination of workplace injuries is likely impossible. This is why workers in Florida should be prepared in case it happens to them.

A single workplace injury can change your life

Millions of people head into work everyday and few think about the ramifications of a single workplace accident. Many organizations are out there trying to make people aware of the damage that can be done by just one incident, but many employers and employees are still neglecting the safety precautions that are in place.

BLS releases new report on workplace injuries

A recently released report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics may be relevant to workers in Florida. The data in the report details workplace injuries across several industries and indicates that an increase has been seen in days taken away from work by musculoskeletal injuries.

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