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Posts tagged "factory accident"

Major workplace accident injures eight, many with burns

A tragic incident occurred in Tavares, Florida, a town located northwest of Orlando. Eight workers were injured in a massive fire that happened at a propane plant and four of them were listed in critical condition soon after the incident had been tamed. According to eyewitness reports, flames from the fire reached 200 feet as it was fueled by the large amount of propane stored at the facility. As the fire began, many residents living nearby came out of their homes because they began hearing loud explosions. Some were ready to go to sleep when the explosions began. By the next morning, reports indicate that thousands of scorched propane tanks were present.

Veteran, long-time employee dies in workplace accident

Individuals involved in the manufacturing industry in Florida are often aware of the safety conditions at their workplaces. But just because an accident has not occurred does not mean that workers should let their guards down. A factory accident can happen at any time and can leave an employee severely injured. It can also cause a person to die, as one such accident recently took the life of a 56-year-old man.

BLS report says Florida has high number of exposure deaths

A report published in 2012 has indicated that Florida is one of the most fatal states for workplace accidents related to harmful exposure. A factory accident can certainly be caused by exposure to substances or environments that are considered hazardous. With Florida ranking third in the country with 27 exposure fatalities in 2011, there may be cause for workers to be concerned. The state was only topped by Texas and California, which had first and second place, respectively.

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