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The dangers of labor

Industrial workers in Orange, Florida, know the dangers of their jobs. Massive equipment, large amounts of machine-powered pressure, repetitive motions, and heavy loads -- it all adds up to a heightened potential for workplace injuries. Many factors can contribute to the likelihood for injury, including an aging and disgruntled workforce. Despite these factors, some injuries occur without warning and without regard to statistics regarding age and job satisfaction. One such incident recently occurred and it took the life of a 16-year-old.

No criminal charges filed for refinery explosion

The dangers of being employed as an industrial worker are known to many people in Florida. But that does not stop many from choosing the work and making a career out of it. Factory accidents do happen and many result in injuries and fatalities, leaving families of the deceased mourning. Regulatory agencies from the government are often called in to inspect such incidents and if employers can be held responsible, they will be.

Gas blast kills more than three dozen at Mexican facility

The dangers of working in an industrial complex are known by many, but not by all. Proper training and education can create the awareness necessary to mitigate the risk of fatal accidents, but that does not stop factory accidents from happening; Florida workers are well aware of this. One such accident occurred in Mexico late last month. More than three dozen people were killed in the incident.

Man's arm severed in pasta factory accident

Manufacturing facilities are dangerous places. Workers are exposed to moving machinery, forklifts, harmful chemicals and other hazards. Injuries can happen during the most unlikely processes, even if safety procedures are in place. A factory accident in Pinellas Park on January 25, left a man severely injured after he was harmed by just such a workplace hazard. The man's arm was severed during his shift at a local pasta factory when he became entangled in a machine.

Woman dies in industrial accident on Air Force base

Florida employees, like employees all across the country who work in factories, plants and industrial sites, are at risk for a workplace injury. Employees anywhere can be hurt on the job, but a factory accident or an industrial accident can cause especially serious and debilitating injuries, and even death.

New technology gives man his hand back

When one man lost the lower part of his right arm in 2006, he became depressed. His life had been changed forever, and it was due to a factory accident that involved an industrial blender used in the smelting of metals. The father of one worked at the plant for some time before the accident took his arm and made him unable to contribute in ways that he had done before.

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