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The dangers of labor

Industrial workers in Orange, Florida, know the dangers of their jobs. Massive equipment, large amounts of machine-powered pressure, repetitive motions, and heavy loads -- it all adds up to a heightened potential for workplace injuries. Many factors can contribute to the likelihood for injury, including an aging and disgruntled workforce. Despite these factors, some injuries occur without warning and without regard to statistics regarding age and job satisfaction. One such incident recently occurred and it took the life of a 16-year-old.

No criminal charges filed for refinery explosion

The dangers of being employed as an industrial worker are known to many people in Florida. But that does not stop many from choosing the work and making a career out of it. Factory accidents do happen and many result in injuries and fatalities, leaving families of the deceased mourning. Regulatory agencies from the government are often called in to inspect such incidents and if employers can be held responsible, they will be.

Gas blast kills more than three dozen at Mexican facility

The dangers of working in an industrial complex are known by many, but not by all. Proper training and education can create the awareness necessary to mitigate the risk of fatal accidents, but that does not stop factory accidents from happening; Florida workers are well aware of this. One such accident occurred in Mexico late last month. More than three dozen people were killed in the incident.

Crash kills two construction workers on expansion project

Residents of Florida are no strangers to construction. Despite this, construction accidents hurt workers on a regular basis, sometimes involving vehicles that are not part of the construction projects. Other states are familiar with this, as well; construction is an industry that is riddled with workplace injuries. People should remember that when they complain about the minor inconveniences that road construction causes.

Suit expected after construction worker falls to death

The unexpected death of a spouse can cause serious ramifications, both emotionally and financially. That is what one widow is experiencing after her husband of 11 years passed away after being involved in a construction accident. That accident occurred when the third story of a building collapsed around the 67-year-old worker. The company he worked for, Professional Grade Construction Group, promised to pay for the funeral but changed its mind less than a day later when the company became aware of an attorney that was hired by the wife of the deceased.

Friends, family support wife and kids of workplace accident victim

A recent workplace death has underscored the safety and precautions that should be taken when working in areas where tractor-trailers are present. Like most motor vehicles, a tractor-trailer can cause catastrophic injury to a pedestrian, but the tremendous size of these vehicles should command more caution.

OSHA investigation begins after second construction project death

A construction project has experienced its second fatality since it began. The recent death should be viewed as a reminder to Florida workers about the dangers of working in construction.

Explosion in water supply tunnel kills man, injures another

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Plenty of things can go wrong during a project, some of which can cause a serious injury or fatality. That is why Florida workers have benefits such as workers' compensation in place, so that if a construction accident does occur, the income that will be lost is still accessible.

Florida man crushed by crane basket at work

A tragic scene unfolded in a Florida port earlier this week, when a 48-year-old man from Tampa was crushed by a crane basket. The accident is a stark reminder to people who work in industrial and other fields where accidents are more likely to occur that employers need to respect federal and state worker-safety regulations.

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