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Sleepless nights could mean more risk at work

Have you ever gone to work after having a long, sleepless night? Many people have and if your employer is the cause for your lack of sleep by working you in shifts that give you minimal time to rest, the company could be liable for any injuries that you suffer while working. According to researchers, a poor night of sleep can translate to an increased risk of an on-the-job accident, leaving a worker susceptible to a head, back or brain injury, in addition to any other type of workplace injury.

Explosions and landslides highlight dangers of certain industries

Many people in Florida know of the dangers that come with working in certain industries. For example, the mining industry is one that has an increased risk for on-the-job accidents. Other industries including those that are focused in factories usually have heightened levels of danger as well. Compared to other countries though, workers in the U.S. are relatively safe. Still, if a workplace accident occurs and an employer can be held responsible, the victim should seek the assistance of a legal professional when filing any sort of claim.

Man sues after serious injury at foam plant

A man is now suing the staffing agency that saw him placed with an employer as a temporary worker. According to reports, a workplace accident caused the man to sustain an injury that saw his genitalia completely severed. The victim from Puerto Rico does not speak English. He was living and working in Florida at the time of the accident.

No workers hurt in scaffolding collapse due to meeting

Four cars were damaged and one lane of traffic was blocked after the scaffolding for a construction project in Pensacola Beach, Florida, collapsed. According to reports, the construction accident was caused by unexpected gusts of wind that blew in around 60 to 70 mph. Workers were not on the scaffolding at the time and no one was hurt, surprisingly. Had the scaffolding collapsed at a different time, it is likely that workers would have been using it and many could have sustained injuries.

OSHA and SeaWorld at odds over investigation

SeaWorld, a Florida company, remains on the radar of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, even after being investigated nearly two years ago. The investigation began after a trainer was grabbed and drowned by a killer whale in February 2010. The workplace accident was highly publicized and left SeaWorld under the supervision of OSHA for some time.

A single workplace injury can change your life

Millions of people head into work everyday and few think about the ramifications of a single workplace accident. Many organizations are out there trying to make people aware of the damage that can be done by just one incident, but many employers and employees are still neglecting the safety precautions that are in place.

BLS releases new report on workplace injuries

A recently released report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics may be relevant to workers in Florida. The data in the report details workplace injuries across several industries and indicates that an increase has been seen in days taken away from work by musculoskeletal injuries.

Man survives electrocution and fall but loses motor skills

Like most states, Florida has many employees working in the manufacturing industry. Due to this, the risk for a factory accident exists, and it could cause a person to become seriously injured. That's what happened to an employee of Foxconn, the largest contract manufacturer of products for Apple Inc.

Explosion in water supply tunnel kills man, injures another

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Plenty of things can go wrong during a project, some of which can cause a serious injury or fatality. That is why Florida workers have benefits such as workers' compensation in place, so that if a construction accident does occur, the income that will be lost is still accessible.

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