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Workplace Injuries Archives

BLS releases new report on workplace injuries

A recently released report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics may be relevant to workers in Florida. The data in the report details workplace injuries across several industries and indicates that an increase has been seen in days taken away from work by musculoskeletal injuries.

Temporary hires near holidays may increase workplace injury risk

Many workplaces in Florida are preparing for that time of the year again: the holiday season. This is the busiest time of year for many companies in America, as it requires a massive amount of preparation and maintenance to keep consumers happy with the amount of product being created and supplied. Because of this temporary spike in demand, many companies hire temporary workers to meet the increased demands of the job. Some experts believe that this can lead to an increased risk of workplace injury due to the inexperience of these employees who are new and will not be with the company very long.

Workers' compensation may not be the only option

Many employees in Florida have been a part of circumstances that warrant a workers' compensation claim. Workplace injuries happen and, if they are serious, they can cost thousands of dollars in the form of medical bills and lost income. That is why workers' compensation exists, to make sure that when a person is injured on the job and needs time to recover, they continue receiving income, minimizing the financial effects of the occupational injury.

Debate over disability benefits and workplace injury data

A recent report written by the chief investment officer of Harris Private Bank has some experts wondering if more people in the U.S. are taking advantage of the Social Security disability system. According to the piece, there has been a 4.5 percent increase in the number of people claiming work-related disabilities each year for the past decade-in the two decades prior to that decade, the number of people stayed roughly the same.

Costs of construction injuries may elicit change

The safety of Florida's workers, or lack thereof, may be costing the state a large amount of money. A report from another state on the east coast showed that workplace injuries and fatalities in the construction industry cost that state more than $700 million between 2008 and 2010. The report came from a nonprofit consumer advocacy group.

With heat comes workplace safety concerns

Workers in Florida know how dangerous the heat can be, but with summer upon us, a reminder may be necessary. If someone is exposed to high temperatures and humidity for an extended period of time, a workplace injury in the form of heat stroke may occur.

Study finds older women more likely for work-related injuries

According to a new study, older women are the most likely demographic to be hurt while on the job in the health care industry. The report's data applies in Florida, as it is home to many health care professionals and many older residents.

Judge upholds safety violations against SeaWorld Orlando

After the death of a whale trainer working at SeaWorld Orlando in 2010, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration stepped in to investigate. When all was said and done, OSHA levied $75,000 in fines against the organization which also has parks in other states. A federal judge presiding over the case agreed with OSHA's findings but decreased the fine to $12,000. The ruling requires that the organization modify its procedures so that the safety of trainers is secured in order to minimize workplace injuries.

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