Disability Law

Understand Your Rightful SSDI Benefits And How To Claim Them

You have likely paid into the Social Security system throughout your working life. If you now have disabilities that will keep you from working for a year or longer, you could be eligible for SSDI benefits. Discuss your case with a knowledgeable and attentive Social Security lawyer at Morgan & White-Davis Attorneys At Law, to learn about your opportunities for relief. Pursue benefits when disabilities make it impossible for you to do either the job that you once did or any equivalent job.

Document Your Disabilities And Appeal A Denial

We can help you file a new claim or appeal a previous denial of benefits. Wherever you are in the process, our lawyers are ready to help you maximize the chances for success. We can also help you if you have been injured at work and need long-term options beyond workers’ compensation benefits. With all serious medical conditions, psychological changes can occur. We are have experience helping people suffering from depression, anxiety and other significant psychiatric conditions, which may impact your well-being after an accident. We can also help if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Have been seriously injured in a crash and doctors say your recovery could last longer than a year
  • Have developed chronic pain or another debilitating illness or condition
  • Have been diagnosed with cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS) or a degenerative condition
  • Are unable to work and qualify for Supplemental Security Income

Documentation Can Be Challenging, But A Successful Claim May Change Your Life

A successful appeal may require detailed medical evaluations from more than one source as well as an extensive review of your employment prospects by an occupational expert. Let our experience guide you through the process of applying or appealing with a clear chance at success.

We Want To Get You The Relief You Deserve

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