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Our firm offers diversified talent while maintaining a welcoming, empathetic atmosphere. We focus on providing attentive, efficient service to every person whom we help.

Winter Park Law, is committed to delivering the results that you need after an accident or the onset of an illness or disability. We are skilled negotiators and tough litigators. We know how to fight to win, yet we resolve many cases without a trial.

Many people who are struggling with disabilities and injuries come to us after discovering the importance of honest, accessible one-on-one attorney-client counsel. When you work with our firm, you can count on open communication, clear explanations and no beating around the bush. Your lawyer will make sure that you understand the law and procedure to bring about optimum results.

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Our clients typically grapple with the aftermath of one or more of these challenges:

  • A recent diagnosis of a physical or mental disability apparently caused by work activities
  • A workplace accident
  • A car or truck accident
  • An inability to continue working as they did previously because of a medical condition

Whatever your challenges are, there is no obligation to talk to us about your legal options. Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss your difficulties and how we can help you obtain compensation. Initial consultations are free.

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We offer personal service with a focus on results. Contact us today to discuss your work injury, car accident or disability claim. Call 407-629-5300 or reach out through our website to schedule a free consultation.

Our Attorneys

Paul J Morgan

Attorney Paul Morgan has a track record of wins in disability matters. He is a protector of disability rights.

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